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I say annual, but my last status update was posted in May last year. It's now October, so I'm late by 5 months.

Speaking of October, its now been a year since my last upload- The Pumpkin Boy and the Snow Girl, which was also for Halloween. (I've just seen the new video player too, really liking it so far.)

Sadly I haven't made anything new ever since due to various reasons.

The main one is that I've been spending majority of my time working on animated commissions/freelancing. Ever since I tweeted an animation reel of mine with my rates plastered at the side, I've received a good number of people wanting to make use of my services, so I'm lucky to have a long line of work for the coming months. This covid thing is grilling some people out of their jobs, so I'm also lucky that I'm privileged enough to be able to work from home.

Though I'm still not quite satisfied with what I'm capable of making, I still have a whole lot to learn (and constantly try not to forget since more often than not, I forget how to draw something if I take a long break from drawing for awhile), but man's gotta eat! So I had to push forward with the commissions despite my conflicting thoughts. At least, from what I observe at the moment, is that what I can currently create is good enough for interested people to want to pay for it, which I'm grateful for.

I'm currently working a big project, and I figure I shouldn't say anything more than that due to contractual reasons, but when it drops I hope it can get me more people to commission me!

Ever since I've started working, I decided to switch animating from Photoshop over to clip paint studio since it seemed to have better features for animation. It took a long while to adjust myself into it, but now I can't imagine going back to Photoshop when these quality-of-life changes are available on Clip paint. Also learned about some 3rd-party plugins for After Effects that used when compositing anime, so having these will definitely help.

While majority of my time is spent on freelancing, the bits of free time I get is spent on consuming media like any other human. For the past few months, I've been on a visual novel reading spree. As of recent I've just read the Utawarerumono trilogy, the Muv-Luv Trilogy, and now I'm in the middle of reading the first of the Grisaia trilogy. In terms of games, I'm currently hooked on Genshin Impact. I haven't watched any series or movies in a long while now, but I did discover Worthikid's Bigtop Burger mini animated series on youtube. I live for this type of over-the-top yet dry, witty humor, the characters have so much personality packed in a few seconds of interaction, and the theme song is a banger.

Well I suppose that's all for now. I'll leave you with some w.i.p. art among the many ones whose existence I've shamefully forgotten. Till next year! (or sooner!)



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