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Status Update for the interested few!

Posted by KarlSia - May 14th, 2019

Hey there. Its been awhile, so figured I should make a status update so I wouldn't be considered AWOL. heh.

All I've been doing now is studying anatomy, working on the rare commission whenever, and fiddling with my second-hand PS vita. And occasionally hanging out with buddies too, so I wouldn't go bonkers from the lack of human interaction.

No new content yet, but I plan on working on my final entry for last year's Summer Animation Jam before uploading any new animations.

So, about my self studies. I've been wanting to improve what I know about the intricacies of the human body since I'm sure I'll be using this knowledge till the day I die. Before I started to actively study it in depth, I've only had an ample know-how of what looks good from an angle, but not from why it does so. I want to understand and be able to draw from imagination the details of how a body looks and moves so I could better apply to my animations and illustrations. At the side, I'm also trying to improve my understanding of colors and light and how it can affect certain objects.

I hope after all this hermiting I'd have improved my skills to make better-looking characters.

If you didn't know, I have a patreon! I'm using it for uploading projects files I'm willing to share with the interested few. Although, I'm still finding time to arrange my project files of the animations I did from last year's Summer Animation Jam into compressed zip files for my Patreon. Until now, I'm still stuck with uploading DRMCTCHR39XX. Its a little tedious trying to group files worth 17GB into separate 200mb folders.

So that's that for now. I'm also trying to save up money for an air conditioner. Earth is on fire and I'd prefer not to burn when at home.

By the way, that's a sweet looking new background Newgrounds!

Oh and congrats for the successful Pico Day @IvanAlmighty! Wish I could've gone to it, can't wait to see the pics!



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Consider me part of the interested few!

Randomly stopped by to view your works from 2018 this past week, and failed to see you're still working hard outside of the Newgroundsphere (is that a word?). Very glad to know you're still kicking, and hope you keep doing so. And because I know your ability to keep kicking is dependent on capital within the toxic system of Capitalism, consider me a Patron. ;)