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A true man of culture with that Nonary games sound effect

Hey I see my favorite manga and go-to beer here!

Watched this a 2nd time and realized Katy's paintings are all phallic hahaha brilliant! She must have some deeply rooted sexual frustrations. Enjoyed this episode!

Sympathy and cuteness when used right can be an effective weapon. It gets increasingly hilarious how the baby-eyes shot comes back again and again especially with the last one.

I lost it at PTSD.

This can definitely work as a quirky short intermission on adult swim. Though there are a few things I'd like to point out that needs a fix because I tend to get a bit picky:

- Rick's arms are too long when holding the ship's wheel. You could've either raised the wheel higher, make Rick slouch more, or settle his hands on the upper spokes for some decent anatomy. I also find Rick's static head looking off. Unless you intended this, some bobbing should be present.

- More squash and stretch and possibly fewer frames should be used when Morty get's propelled up out of shock. I like his dance and expression though so props for that.

-During the later half, you should probably cut a little bit faster between them talking, and the intertitles. ~3 sec. should do good, and not over 5 sec. Actually its also better to place the intertitles in the midst of them moving their mouths. (So the first cut shows Rick talking, cut to intertitle during his talk, then cut back to Rick still talking and then stopping shortly.)

- More gore for exploding Gazorpazorp haha! IMO you should have kept his innards and body juices surrounding the deck when Morty gets to hold the wheel again, I think it could look funnier.

My favorite scene has to be when Rick and Morty lands on the lower floor after being thrown out. The scene looked the most natural for me in terms of character animation, especially how you did Morty, unlike Rick though who lacks a few more frames and stopped too abruptly. Not too noticeable though because of Morty moving, which is good.

Putting aside all of these though, I still enjoyed it. Keep practicing!

This short made me chuckle, and I like how clean and crisp the visuals are. The voice is the only noticeable downside, couldn't you have found a way to fix it before uploading?

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