Finally made the front page!

2015-11-15 04:17:06 by KarlSia

This is like, a huge deal for me to finally have one of my animations listed in the Featured Movies on NG. I feel like a child seeing Santa Claus for the first time in real life.

Yeah. Santa Claus. Oh, why Santa Claus? Probably because December is close by. Its as good as Christmas where I am when the -ber months start rolling in. 

A Time Traveler from 10 years ago

2015-09-08 08:01:26 by KarlSia

When I was a little kid, naive and innocent, I got my hands on a WACOM penpartner, and Macromedia Flash 5 and started making flash animations on the get-go. After learning about the existence of xiaoxiao and newgrounds, I couldn't contain my excitement when I uploaded my stick fight animation for the world to see. 


It got blammed tho.


But I didn't take it to heart, and laughed after realizing how horribly bad it actually was, and the fact the I experienced getting blammed, which to me became a somewhat silly achievement. (I kept that file with me as a trophy Hah)

Flash forward to the present (see what I did there?) and here I am now, making a come back in newgrounds and trying to make a name for myself. 

Hope you guys watch my artsy stuff  ヽ(´ー`)ノ