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Posted by KarlSia - March 13th, 2019


Hi guys, I'm really sorry for making an artist news post about a gofundme and possibly breaking the fun atmosphere we have on this site, but I must reach out wherever I can.

The cool guy you see above is a friend of mine named Steven. He's a filmmaker and an Eskrima instructor, someone I met once during highschool, and got to know during my college days as my senior.

He's now suddenly suffering from liver failure, and his family is in desperate need of funds to start his liver transplant operation ASAP.

I implore anyone from the newgrounds community who's willing to donate any amount they can through his Gofundme linked below, please. I just hate it when a good guy like Steven gets fucked over like this out of nowhere.

Gofundme - Help Steven Combat Liver Failure


Posted by KarlSia - January 15th, 2019

5501937_154756114461_by_karlsia-dc6kbut.gif 5501937_154756114261_nuan_regha_spar_240wbordergif2_by_karlsia-dcc7izx.gif 5501937_154756114041_by_karlsia-dc6kbvg.gif 5501937_154756113731_by_karlsia-dc6kbqp.gif

5501937_154756112173_by_karlsia-dc6kbtw.gif 5501937_154756112552_by_karlsia-dc6kbxp.gif 5501937_154756113343_by_karlsia-dc6kbrr.gif 5501937_154756113282_by_karlsia-dc6kbsp.gif

5501937_154756112881_by_karlsia-dc6kbt5.gif 5501937_154756179131_thumbnail.gif 5501937_154756230443_ezgif.com-resize.gif 5501937_154756175422_thumbnail.gif

If you're interested in getting your character animated, then I'm offering my services to you!

I can animate:

  • Original Characters
  • Fanart

I can't animate:

  • Animals
  • Non-humanoid Creatures (negotiable)
  • Mechs (negotiable)
  • NSFW (negotiable)


  • Only single scenes with 5 second max. (flexible) of animation (animated gifs) can be commissioned at a time.
  • Only payment via Paypal in USD is accepted.
  • Full payments or an initial downpayment must be received before work on the commission has begun. 
  • Refunds are not applicable once a 1st draft is sent to the commissioner (you) for review.
  • Commission may be rejected if a higher skill level seems necessary, or for other various reasons.
  • Listed prices below are the absolute minimum, and are likely to fluctuate higher depending on the complexity of animation.

If you understand and willingly comply with these terms, then hey, no problems! 

If you any have other concerns, or other commission proposals aside from what I'm offering, please feel free to ask!


Send me a message and I'll get to you as soon as I can.

Also, please include the following:

  • Commission details (refer to rates)
  • Character details
  • Links to references (pictures, videos, etc.)
  • Animation details (pose, action, framing, storyboard etc.)



Lineart: 135 USD
Flat Colors: 175 USD
Full Color with Shading: 250 USD

Backgrounds/ Animated Special FX: 85 USD
*Simple backgrounds can be done with no added charge

I'll try to do my best to satisfy!



Posted by KarlSia - October 9th, 2018


After all those months of struggling to keeping up with the rounds, we finally reached the end of it and came out on top! 

Thank you very much for this win! 

Someone once told me that no matter how good someone is in whatever he does, he can't get too far without people to support an believe in him. So to everyone and especially to the voters and judges, thanks for your support!

I wanted to submit an entry for the last round, even if it was something simple. I already started working on it and even had @AnnieQuinn 's help for the VO (thank you!), but September was a rather trying month for me so I couldn't find time to finish. 

But I'm better now, so I'll upload it anyways as soon as its done even if the summer jams are over.


Posted by KarlSia - July 16th, 2018


I made a patreon account last year, but I was never sure what to do with it, until now.

(sudden attempt to sound like a salesman incoming)

By becoming my patron for as low as a 1$ a month, not only will you be supporting me and I being eternally grateful, you will also have access to the project files of Prison of the Clairvoyant, and other upcoming animations. The download includes PSD., AEP., and PRPROJ. files and others. You will also be able to see future works-in-progress before the animation's public release.


Honestly I've never been one to be completely active on all my online accounts, (this animation jam is probably my most active online time yet) but nevertheless I'll do my best to keep them updated!

If you decide not to be a patron, I'd still be happy if you would still follow me through my other sites. Thanks ahead!


Posted by KarlSia - June 28th, 2018


My entry for the Bad Dream Jam won first place for daily feature! Hope this won't be the last time, so I'll try to my best to keep on making high quality animations worth noticing!

If you haven't seen my entry, you can check it here! https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/713225

And if your curious enough, please check out my few other animations too!


Posted by KarlSia - November 15th, 2015

This is like, a huge deal for me to finally have one of my animations listed in the Featured Movies on NG. I feel like a child seeing Santa Claus for the first time in real life.

Yeah. Santa Claus. Oh, why Santa Claus? Probably because December is close by. Its as good as Christmas where I am when the -ber months start rolling in. 


Posted by KarlSia - September 8th, 2015

When I was a little kid, naive and innocent, I got my hands on a WACOM penpartner, and Macromedia Flash 5 and started making flash animations on the get-go. After learning about the existence of xiaoxiao and newgrounds, I couldn't contain my excitement when I uploaded my stick fight animation for the world to see. 


It got blammed tho.


But I didn't take it to heart, and laughed after realizing how horribly bad it actually was, and the fact the I experienced getting blammed, which to me became a somewhat silly achievement. (I kept that file with me as a trophy Hah)

Flash forward to the present (see what I did there?) and here I am now, making a come back in newgrounds and trying to make a name for myself. 

Hope you guys watch my artsy stuff  ヽ(´ー`)ノ